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La Touche Restaurant & Café was established in 2013, and since then we have been striving to provide a quality dining experience to our valued customers. At La Touche, we offer the finest international and oriental dishes that satisfies all tastes, a family friendly atmosphere, pleasant view, as well as open and closed spaces which suits all seasons of the year. We are dedicated to establishing a bond with all our customers and to give them an unforgettable experience at the restaurant.

Main Course

The main course menu contains a wide variety of international and oriental dishes, such as traditional dishes, Italian dishes, and seafood.


If you have a big event or even a family gathering, La Touche offers a variety of luxurious and delicious cakes with distinctive designs that fit any occasion and include details you require.
We also supply a wide range of pre-made cakes for restaurants and cafes at competitive prices and different sizes.


Whether it’s for a gift, a special occasion or even to enjoy with your coffee, La Touche offers different kinds of beautifully wrapped, handcrafted chocolates made with rich flavors to indulge your senses.


Drinks are a specialty at La Touche as we offer a variety of hot, cold, fresh, and carbonated drinks which create the perfect atmosphere for any mood.

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